Copy/Duplicate Task on Mobile

The demands of my office require that our staff use regular checklist tasks. Every appointment booked for our boss needs to have a regular set of steps taken as part of our process and so we have a task template set up that we copy when adding a new task so that it preserves the sub tasks, like RSVPing, placing the Appointment on the calendar, checking back with the appointement at certain intervals, etc,

My job also keeps me out of the office and working mobile more than half the time, and so if I need to create a task I can’t do everything I need to from the iOS app as it does not offer the option of duplicating a task. This is an essential part of our work flow.

We need an option that either lets us store a template task to create from or to duplicate a task from mobile.

Hi. How do I copy a task with the IOS app?


Hi @Casting - At this time it is not possible to copy a task with iOS. We’re working on growing to feature parity with the desktop app but it’s still a work in progress. :innocent: For an outline of full task features in iOS, take a look at this Guide article and the general iOS section of the Guide.


I’m super surprised this can’t already be done in the app. This functionality is really important to the way I’m using Asana right now!!


Hi there,

Is there a way to copy tasks from the iOS app like I can when using my desktop? Thanks!

Hey @Jared_Stein

At the moment this isn’t possible via our mobile app just yet, though I’ve recorded your feedback for our team to consider for future updates!


Hey guys, just merging this thread with an existing one to avoid having too many duplicates! :wink:


Hi Marie, have you guys have any progress with copying tasks on iOS?

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Not just yet @Sam_Perrett, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

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That would be great! Thank you

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Is this request anywhere in the product feeedback section so we can at least get people voting to show how many people want this feature - IOS app really lacks productivity because of this misssing feature


Excellent point @Ruth_Newnham! I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with Copy Task on iOS from the #productfeedback category. You can hit the “vote” button at the top of this thread!

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Any news please. This is significant as you can’t even login to safari to,copy a task there as it requires you to work In the app. My workflow requires me to work from templates and without this feature I can’t move forward.

I started with Asana and made a task template for customers in my CRM Project. I need this on my Iphone. This thread is so old. The feature is available in web, why not on phone?

Is there still no update on this? Copying a task seems like a pretty basic function and it makes it pretty difficult to keep on with my workflows on the go if I have to wait until I get home to organize everything simply because I can’t copy a task. I really like Asana but this is killing me and I am totally considering parting with Asana due to lack of functionality.

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Looks like this is being worked on. I have the same issue as the others with being on the road. As a work around until this is added to the app I have created separate project folders for my templates. Create 100 copies when I am on my computer so I have enough of each on the road. Can’t wait until this is incorporated!!

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Adding on to this. Many folks in our office are often out for meetings and it would be useful to be able to get processes (tasks with many subtasks) going as soon as they finish a meeting.

Please add function to be able to duplicate task on the app.

The perfect functionality (for me) would be able to manage the list, that opens after the long press on the app icon. I would use that to put there template tasks that I often use.

Hi @Razmik_Badalyan :wave:t3: Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic; hope that’s ok!

There are orders of magnitude more iOS devices than desktops. Essentially, no one uses a desktop anymore, and laptops are dying (there are 4x more iPads than laptops in existence). Our organization uses iPads exclusively, and we need to be able to do a really basic function: copy a task.

I’m constantly bewildered why SaaS’s don’t take a mobile-first approach. Forcing users to use devices that aren’t part of a common workflow anymore doesn’t make a lot of sense…