Copy/Duplicate Task on Mobile

Also, please don’t quote something like “Well, our statistics show that the majority of people are using desktop browsers…” well, of course they are: if you don’t have feature parity on mobile, people are forced to use devices that would otherwise be outside of their workflow. Self-fulfilling prophecy metrics in SaaS’s are a thing…


Someone wiped out my template task and while trying to find out why they didn’t just duplicate the task, learned you can’t duplicate a task in the mobile app. I cannot believe this. This seems extremely important.
I use a template task as a request “form” (our team doesn’t want to use a 3rd party form).

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My system is based around task templates which are then copied and assigned to VA’s to complete. Just realised it can’t be done on iOS which as others have commented is a basic function for team working. Please please up the priority for adding this to mobile​:weary::weary:

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I’m patiently waiting on this functionality. We have service technicians for which I’m trying migrate to using a standardized field service report task. This appears only possible by having a template task that needs to be duplicated by them in the field, on their IOS devices.

I’m glad effort is being made to funnel this conversation into this thread.

I just switched back to iPhone (after 22 months) and a bit surprised this feature exists on Android but not iOS.

My use case is I often have a running agenda item (eg. LA Trip or Meeting w Harry) & some percentage of things get done & it is nice to duplicate the task, delete points were covered/complete, rename the task “LA Trip 2”, update the due date and call it a day.

I purposely don’t use a project because its much easier to manage very dynamic info in the text of the description. Duplicating a task also has a nice interlinked history going back to the first trip/meeting.

If anyone wishes to share a “better” way to do this on iOS, I’m listening.

I hope sharing another context helps the dev team understand why this feature matters to us.

And I’m with @Michael_Maddox - I haven’t bothered to replace my ancient 2008 MacBook because I’ve been impressed i can indeed do almost everything on my mobile devices (esp Asana! :slight_smile:)

Thanks for making a great app & providing great channels for support!

I am guessing now everyone is April 2019 and we are no more on with this? It’s utterly disappointing there is no way to do it on an apple mobile or iPad

@Beckie_Brothers, thank you for mentioning this.

Asana engineering please prioritize this essential feature!

Adding my name to the pile of frustrated users. Please, please, please prioritize this feature. My need to duplicate tasks is paramount to my job workflow, and my employer only issues iPads. I can use a computer from home, but I travel EVERY day for a sales job that requires a duplicate task to make sure I get all my steps taken care of for my customers!

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How is this not a feature yet? Copying is so basic. Please provide this functionality soon.


please please create parity between mobile and desktop. what is the status of this? thanks!

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I’m also shocked that this simple, yet UTTERLY CRITICAL feature is not available on iOS. I decide to try to login on safari to duplicate the task in question using the web version, but ALAS, safari forces me to open the app and so, I can’t duplicate a task with 3 layers of sub tasks (i.e. each of the 5 sub tasks have their own sub tasks, many of which also have sub tasks).

Recreating that from scratch EVERY time is a NIGHTMARE and having to login using a MacBook or PC whenever I want to do this (almost DAILY) is also a real headache. Even Trello can duplicate tasks in the iOS app, and for all intents Trello is basically a lite version of Asana, yet their developers recognized the importance of that simple feature. Asana devs, users have been asking for this update since 2017! Please address it with urgency!!!


In the iOS app there is no option to ‘duplicate task’ like there is on the web version

Hi @DGS and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback on this topic; hope that’s ok!

Have a great day!

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I love it! Tks a lot for this tip

It has been 2 years … how much longer do you want to make your users wait for this feature??
We also have several templates in Asana, and I can’t work with them when not on my desktop, this is really restricting my workflow!!

I completely agree. If they don’t care enough to implement the features their users need, such as the ability to duplicate a task and admin features like managing users foe their mobile app, it’s time to start looking at the competitors. It’s too bad.

Just adding yet another post here that echoes everything that’s already been said, Asana Team, please prioritize this soon!

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I primarily use the app version of asana, and duplicating tasks is essential for my work flow. So frustrating that I can’t do that on my phone. Any updates on this?

I am adding my voice to this. Duplicating templates in Asana is simply essential to the way I use the tool and I’ve just discovered (to my utter shock) that I can’t do it on my iPad. Obviously I’ll work around it in the short term by using a desktop to create (read: clog up my projects with) a ton of pre-duplicated copies but that’s a terrible solution for such an elegant app. Please, make task duplication available in iOS as quickly as possible!