Dependencies on mobile have been removed or I can't find them anymore?




I can’t seem to find a way to mark tasks dependent on one another in the mobile app anymore. I believe I just used the feature weeks ago on my iPhone. Am I going crazy here?


Agree @Robert_H that is no longer there however I can’t remember if it ever was… @Marie can you confirm if it was or not available on the Mobile App.


Hi @Robert_H and @Jason_Woods :wave:t3:

I confirm that it is not possible yet to create dependencies from the mobile app, however the mobile app allows you to see dependencies that were already set from your desktop!

Hopefully this is something we can implement soon, I’ll make sure to keep you posted when we do!

Have both a great Monday!


Hi @Marie. If I only have an iPad, is there a way to login to a browser version of Asana, to complete the dependency? Or if I only have an iPad, should I assume there is no way to create the dependency? I, and several members of our team only use mobile devices. Thanks!


Just to clarify, when I try to login to the website, I am always pushed to the app. So I assume on an iPad that I can’t login to a website to use asana, and create the dependencies? Or is there a way? Thanks @Marie!


Hi @Eric_Cohen, you should be able to log in on your iPad via Safari following these steps!


OK, I should have known that - thank you so much!