What happend to the 'Mark task for' button when moving a task to the left?

And how do I now move a task to another section?

Hi @Bart_Kool,

Our Product team has confirmed that the lack of a Section mover is not a bug but currently intended behaviour as they had not planned to build this into the Android app.

I’ll keep you posted if this changes in the future but this is not currently the plan.

I hope this provides some clarity! :slight_smile:

Not really. How am I now supposed to move tasks between sections?

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At the moment you need to drag and drop. That is a major bummer, @lpb might have created a thread for this, I’ll let him answer.

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Thanks! Any idea what’s the latest version of the Android app without this design flaw, so I can download this to get Asana working again?

Probably none works because that’s the section structure that changed technically.

Correct That is a major bummer

Just wanted to add that the only way to drag and drop on mobile to/from any section is if MY Tasks is

  1. Sorted by “None” and
  2. “Sort within section” is YES

@Community_Managers, All the related posts for this are closed; can something be converted to voting. As I’ve mentioned before, this seems like a glaring omission.



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You’re right (unfortunately). I Think I’m going to move my tasks over to Trello, Todoist or another taskmanager with a working Android app. :roll_eyes:

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