Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

I really need this feature. We’re a contracting organization and part of the service we provide is supporting the startup of their project management and infrastructure build. Thus we want others to use asana too! We are helping others adopt the tool but meanwhile the more clients we get, the more asana task lists we create for ourselves.

I also want to add that I asked members of my team to upvote this. And found out that they’re not able to upvote without a paid account. I’d expect a feature like this to bring in more paid users (who are not allowed to vote on this poll).

That doesn’t sound right to me. AFAIK anyone should be able to create a forum login.

@Marie @Emily_Roman ?

Hello @Taylor_Scott, the forum is completely free and available equally to all users (paid or free). However as @Phil_Seeman explained, you do need to create a forum account in order to upvote feature requests!

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