Variables to create custom subtasks

Hi, I’m hoping to create a set of rule that automatically creates the same subtasks when a task is submitted via a form. Is there any way to use variables to have the subtask partially reflect the task name?

For example -
Task: Dog Water Bowl - Create Amazon Content
Subtask - {task name} - Draft Copy
Subtask - {task name} - Draft Images
Subtask - {task name} - Get Approval

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Hey @Laura_Screnci, there was a discussion about this topic yesterday, see Rules to Rename Tasks

And here is a workaround with Flowsana: Rules to Rename Tasks - #16 by Phil_Seeman

You‘d have to check with @Phil_Seeman if that works for subtasks as well :slight_smile:


It does indeed! Here is info on how to have Flowsana workflows operate on subtasks.

And there is a parent variable as well, so if you want a subtask to include the name of its parent task, you can modify the subtask’s name like, for example:

{} - {}


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