Rule to Create Sub Task - Then name sub task based on parent task

Is there a way to have a rule create a sub task then name that sub task based on the parent task? I do see the variable field but when I choose “Task Name” variable, it just makes the task name “”.

I want to create a sub task to tasks when their dates are changed as there is a process we do every time this happens. I want to eliminate the project manager having to reach out to me directly every time they want to change a date. Rather just get a list of sub tasks I can complete myself.

Or can someone suggest a better what to track date changes (besides going into every task within every project individually manually tracking it)?

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This should not happen as the variable always pulls over the task name.
Now one thing I recommend to check is the trigger. Because let’s say for example if the trigger is “new task added” and you are creating a task and still updating that the rule might already fire and create the subtasks.
I have tested this and yes if you do not have the task name added yet, but the rule already run then it would add “[no value]”

Can you maybe share some more info about your current set up such as screenshots (blur personal info)

Your idea of subtasks is definitely a great one. Another good solution was shared here


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