Unnamed sections are appearing in every project

Hey everyone,

maybe someone is experiencing the same thing as me: For the past 2-3 weeks, unnamed, empty sections are appearing on the top of all my Asana projects (I use the list view). I am not able to delete them and I cannot reconstruct how they got there. Some of these projects I did not open in a long time. Maybe this is a bug?

Looking forward for help!

Hi @Sonja_Hummel , could you upload a screenshot of your project, particularly the settings along the top; the Filter, Sort, Group by and Hide buttons?

What are these sections called exactly? Perhaps ‘[value not set]’?

Hey Richard,

thanks for your response!
It looks like this for all my projects: suddenly I have everywhere two unnamed sections. One I can delete and for the other its not possible.

Do you need another screenshot (nothing is filtered or sorted here)?
I can degroup sections, but then all sections are deleted and all tasks are in one list.


Hi @Sonja_Hummel , although my German is not that great, I think I know what might be going on.

I would bet that you are on Enterprise tier and that someone has generated a Bundle from a project that has then been applied to all your projects. If you click on the Customize button in the top right (or ‘Anpassen’ in Deutsch) then scroll down to ‘Bundles’ and click into it to see who is the Bundle owner to have a chat with them about it.

Since the Bundle has been applied, your best bet would be to move your tasks into the sections that you cannot delete and remove the duplicate sections that you can delete. Alternatively, if the Bundle owner agrees, ask them to remove the (duplicate) sections from the bundle and apply changes.

The reason for why this has happened, is likely along the lines of what I’ve described here:

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Hey Richard,

thanks! You were right. It was part of a bundle and now that we deleted it from the bundle, I am allowed to delete all those unnamed sections.


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Glad to help, @Sonja_Hummel :slight_smile:

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