'Generate bundle from project' action should apply Bundle to project without creating duplicate sections, rules etc.

Bundles are super powerful and awesome. But one thing has been bugging me for a while - I was almost certain I was doing something wrong… perhaps I still am! Anyway, here goes…

When you click on the ‘Generate bundle from project’ button, it does exactly what it says it does - great! But when you then apply the said bundle to the project that it was generated from, it will create duplicates of sections, rules, task templates and custom fields (if they are NOT previously added to the field library).

I cannot understand this behaviour. One would expect that applying the said bundle would simply ‘take over’ the existing sections, rules, task templates and custom fields of the source project that the bundle was created from, right?

This resulting duplicates are frustrating because you then need to delete all the duplicate one by one; all rules, task templates and custom fields. Then, if you had any tasks in the project, you need to select all tasks within each section and move them into the Bundle’s duplicate section instead (and repeat that for every section).

The same issue happens when applying a Bundle to an existing template - but I can forgive that because the template is not exactly associated with the project that the Bundle was created from, although it potentially could.

It would seem the current workaround would be to:

  1. setup the project with all sections, rules, task templates and custom fields but without any tasks.
  2. Click ‘Generate bundle from project’
  3. Create a new blank project and apply the created bundle to it.
  4. (Delete or archive the original project that the Bundle was generated from)
  5. Proceed to insert tasks into the new blank project (that the bundle is already applied to).
  6. Any further edits in the customize menu (apart from Forms) should be done by editing the Bundle.

Thank you for reading :heart:


Pinging bundles-master @Arthur_BEGOU
What do you think?


We’ve had similar trouble when using Bundles the first time :sweat_smile:

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It’s a bit of a pain, right? Or just awkward behaviour…
I am no developer so I have no idea how complex this would be to fix :person_shrugging:

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Thanks @Richard_Sather !!

Yes, that’s feedback I’ve already shared with the product team; l hope they’ll consider an update in that direction.

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Hey @Arthur_BEGOU , happy new year mon ami! :champagne:

Quick question:
When you save a project as a template, and that project already includes a bundle, is it normal, for the template that is generated, to NOT include the bundle that was associated to the source project?

When I saved a project as a template, the Bundle was not included, so I had to manually add the Bundle again, which then created duplicate Sections, Rules etc (whatever the Bundle contained) which I then needed to manually delete and clean up! :roll_eyes:

Does this warrant a separate product feedback topic?

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Salut @Richard_Sather :wave::wink:

Indeed, I’ve tested it, and you are right, that’s potentially be a missing piece of the puzzle.

I’ll try to get info from the Product Team and let you know.


Hey @Richard_Sather :wave:

I just had the confirmation from the Product team that this was under their radar, with a high priority.

I’ll keep you posted if I have more info.

Thanks @Arthur_BEGOU !

In keeping with tradition, I’ve created a separate Product Feedback for others to vote on and for the Asana team to keep us updated there. :wink:

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