Bundle should be included in project when 'save as template'

When you save a project as a template, and that project already includes a bundle, the template that is generated does NOT include the bundle that was associated to the source project.

Currently, when I save a project as a template, the Bundle is not included, so I have to manually add the Bundle again, which then creates duplicate Sections, Rules etc (whatever the original Bundle contained) which I then needed to manually delete and clean up! :roll_eyes:

Hoping this could be fixed soon, thanks :heart:

Also refer to: 'Generate bundle from project' action should apply Bundle to project without creating duplicate sections, rules etc. - #6 by Richard_Sather

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Same! This just happened to me as well.

It kind of makes the Template a moot point. I need my Bundles for these projects, so I think the path of least resistance is to duplicate from an existing project and rename everything :upside_down_face:

Hi @Richard_Sather and @SamW, we are gradually rolling out this update and Bundles will be included in the “save project as template” flow:

We are hoping to fully roll out this update by March 26, stay tuned! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile: