Unable to invite guests to projects

Is anyone else having problems with inviting guests to projects? Using the Invite button, I get an error ‘invite not sent. contact support’.

If I try to invite via the mobile app, I get an error ‘Unable to Sync…’

I’ve already tried inviting the guest user via:

  • Different browsers
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app

At least with the ‘invite with a link’ I can invite members with the same domain (can’t invite them via email). But there is not way at all I can get an guest added to a project without the invite feature working.

Note that I have had no problem with this in the past. It just started about 8 weeks ago in June 2023.

I have already contacted support about the issue but the response seems to be a wee bit slow (48 hours +…prob cause we are using basic, very small team).

Lastly, I do see that this has been a prob for folks in the past so maybe someone has a solutions out there???

Many thanks for any insight!

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Tanya_Fader :wave:

Unable to sync on the mobile app usually comes up when there are internet connection problems or app outages or similar.

Now why you are unable to invite somebody is strange. Usually we recommend to go through these steps and then to reach out to support which you already did.
They are able to check your account and settings directly to figure out why this is happening.

In terms of response times yes there is a priority system in place depending on what plan you are on.
Also whenever you‘d send a follow up email this pushes your request to the end of the queue.

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Thanks for your replay @Andrea_Mayer , in this case, internet connection is not the issue.

Please see above for the steps taken to troubleshoot. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled both the desktop and mobile apps.

Yes I understand about priority by plan.

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How many users do you currently have in this project? Because there is a limit. You can read about this also here.

This could potentially be the reason if you already have filled up all 15 spaces.

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There’s currently just 5 users associated with the project. I am trying to add a 6th. I had another team member with project admin status attempt to add an email and she got the same “your invite was not sent. Contact support” message that I did (she is in a differnet location).

Hi there,
posting the result of this thread in case it’s useful for others .

It did appear to be a bug on Asana’s end and support ended up solving it for us. Below is the support response. Thanks for responding above @Andrea_Mayer

To provide some context, we do have a 100 invite restriction on guest users within free Asana organizations to prevent potential phishing attacks, which we reset the limit on our end. This should, however, only apply to guest users so I was a bit confused as to why you would also have difficulties inviting members. I reset the limit regardless to check if this would unblock you.

Since this also affected members in your case, that seems to be a Bug with our invite restrictions and I will make sure to forward this to the responsible team to fix. For now, you should have not further restrictions on invites moving forward.


Very helpful to know that; thanks, @Tanya_Fader!


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יhey i have the same problem and i dont have 100 users (domain or guest) please help me

Hi, Sahar, Just a note to Asana team that I am still seeing this problem. I can’t seem to add anyone at all. Teams are not full. (continued issue from earlier in the year).

Hi. This just started happening for me as well.