Can't invite guests from another organization

For some reason I can only invite emails that are in another organization, unless they are in my organization.

For example I can invite anyone with an email such as “” or “

But I can’t invite “”, if they are in another Asana organization. But other organizations can invite me, just not vice versa.

Anyone know what’s happening?

Hey @TheAlchemist
that is quite weird indeed. Are you trying to invite people with another org email to one of your Asana teams or projects or somewhere else?

Because basically you should be able to just invite anybody with any domain, the only thing is if they do not have an email with your org domain then they will be added as guest user.

Also if you are trying to invite somebody to an Asana team I recommend checking the settings of the team as it might be restricted:

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Can you elaborate on the “I can’t” part? Do you see a specific error message? a disabled button?

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