Email follow-up people outside organisation

Hello, is there a way to put an email of someone not in my organisation just to be able to receive follow-up about a task by email.

Hello @Nicolas_Lalancette, welcome to the Asana forum.
The best way to do this is to invite that person as a guest (it should be in a different email domain than your organization). When he accepts the invitation, he will receive any notification by email (default).

More information about guests:

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Hello @Charlie_Pilch, the two problems are people who has the same email domain name, but I don’t want them to use asana (Newbie) and same thing of people outside. I don’t want them to connect to asana or join the organisation as guest, only receive follow up of their demands.

I think in this case you have use integration like Zapier

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Ok thanks for your time!

Great tips @Charlie_Pilch! Thank you!

Check out that Gmail-Asana zap on my list of cools zaps
I use it often it is great!

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