NOT WORKING - inviting Guests outside of your organization as a Collaborator on a task via e-mail.

Hi, I’ve gotten this to work in the past so I’m not sure what the deal is this time around. I can’t seem to invite someone outside of the organization to follow a specific task. It’ll ask for their e-mail, I’ll enter it, and then there’s no confirmation on whether anything was sent. I’ve tried using my own personal e-mail to double-check, and there is no invite sent nor do I see anything in the Spam folder.

We work with a lot of clients on projects through Asana so if someone can explain to me what I’m doing wrong, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

HI @Winson_Duong and so sorry for the trouble here!

I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team who can take a look into our system to see whether or not these emails were sent or bounced back. Unfortunately, this is not the type of issue we can resolve directly on the Forum. In the meantime, I would recommend trying to invite your Guests following this path: Adding & managing team members | Product guide • Asana

Hopt this helps Winson, have a great Tuesday!