Adding domain names to an organization within Asana

Hi there,

I have been attempting to add email accounts to our Asana organization. Most staff within our organization have an email domain However, we also partner with two other companies, with respective domain names and

Our staff at can be invited to the platform as Members, with full access to all relevant spaces in Asana. Of particular importance to us is the Goals page.

However, staff members with the and email domains can only be invited to the platform as Guests, unable to view the Goals page. This is not good.

I have contacted support and have attempted to verify the new email domains, but encountered issues. I am aware of the admin console and the process for adding new domain names, however, it has not worked for us and I am having great difficulty in adding new email domains.

Does anyone have any expert tips or advice as to how this can be accomplished? It is something of a time sensitive issue for us, and I am in need of some assistance. Perhaps a Forum Leader or Support Rep could weigh in with some assistance, it would be incredibly appreciated.


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You can’t really add domains from other companies to your account, that would be a breach of security because it means any new employee at those companies would then end up in your space. Also if those companies already have Asana, they already use those domains for their org.

The only way I know: @mention those guests in the Goal description, it allows them to see the goal. They wouldn’t have access to the Goal feature, but with a direct link or through an Inbox notification it works.

Could it be a feature that can be achieved with Enterprise+?

Trusted guest domains

Hi Bastien,

Thank you for the reply and insight!

The inability to add domains from other companies seems peculiar to me? It would appear from the admin console and per some of the instruction guides online that adding new domains to an organization would certainly be possible. This ought to be essential for good project management and collaboration between different stakeholders working/consulting on the same work.

If collaboration between different domains is not possible within Asana, I would go so far as to say the admin console interface is rather misleading?

Moreover, why is it the Goals page specifically seems to be hidden from Guests using a different email domain? They can view the project Timeline, Calendar, Reports/Dashboards, but not Goals?

This seems like a squeaky wheel in the user experience that has left me quite perplexed?

I appreciate your comments and insight, I am simply throwing some questions out there into the Internet ether hoping for some baby steps in the right direction. :face_with_monocle:

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I recommend speaking with your sales person at Asana. This can be done as we have this setup for our org. We have a sister company with different domains that we support and our Asana rep was able to set this up so we can add anyone from either domain as a member.

Hi, @Brandon_Collier

It is simple, but here is my impression.

・Asana manages the security of an organization through its domain.
Since the organization is managed by the domain, I believe it is not advisable to use multiple domains, as @Bastien_Siebman suggests.

  • The goals of the organization and the goals of the project are different.
    Asana’s goal feature is designed for the organization’s goals, so it may be difficult to use it directly as the goal of the project.

  • Using Asana from multiple domains.
    Please consider the Enterprise+ plan.

  • As an alternative, creating a separate domain and email specifically for Asana.
    It might be a good idea to create a new domain and email using Google or similar services. I remember that in Asana, in addition to the primary email, it was possible to register another email.