Troubleshooting: rule with due date approaching

Hi All,

I have set several rules within My Tasks that are all working really well and tasks are moving to the corresponding section based on the set rule except for my rule regarding “due take approaching.” I have set a rule that when a due date is approaching within 1 week it will move to the section “within a week” so I can see tasks that are upcoming in the next 7 days. However, tasks that are set to a date within that timeframe remain in my new section and not in within a week. What am I missing here to ensure that the tasks that are due within the next 7 days move up to the correct section and don’t stay in new.

Am I missing something here with this rule? I’ve attached a pic of the rule I built for reference.

Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Casey_McCabe!

Two keys to these “Due date is approaching” rules for dates:

  1. They only run just after midnight once daily, and
  2. They match exactly, so in your screenshot, “1 week before” means if the Due date is exactly seven days out.

So to achieve what you want, within a week, you should click the “+” below the trigger (the first “+”) and add more triggers, for 6 days before, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Above, make sure it says “When any of these triggers happen” (not When all of these…").

That should do it!



Hi @Casey_McCabe,

Larry gave you the perfect answer for a native Asana solution. If you’re interested, the date-based rules in our Flowsana integration work the way you’re wanting; that is, if you create a rule for “within 7 days”, Flowsana interprets it as “7 days or less”, meaning you only need one rule; you would not need to create multiple rules for 7 days, 6 days, 5 days, etc.


Wonderful, thank you Larry! Much appreciated.

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Thanks so much Phil, will definitely look into Flowsana!

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