Rules Trigger: Upcoming Due Date is Less Than or Greater Than 'X' Days/Weeks/Months/Etc.

For rules built around upcoming due dates, I want to move all tasks with a due date in the next 7 days to a section in a project. The challenge is sometimes tasks are added with due dates sooner than 7 days out, and so the rule needs to take that into consideration. For example, I might create a task with a due date of three days from now, when the workflow rule runs at midnight local time, I want to ensure that is caught and moved into the section even though it’s due sooner than 7 days.

For now, I have “OR” logic in the rule where if task due date is today, or 1 day out, or 2 days out, etc. then move into the section ‘Tasks Due in Next 7 Days’ - see screenshot below

So basically, just wondering if how I have it setup is the best practice or if there is some sort of way with rules to say if due date is 7 days or less, then move into the section.

Hi @Ben_Brenner, thanks for reaching out!

At this time, an “if due date is 7 days or less” trigger doesn’t exist however, I believe your current Rule setup does achieve this (but in a roundabout way).

I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to #productfeedback category to give you and other users the opportunity to vote for this feature request :slight_smile: Hopefully this is something our Product team can bring to life in the future - I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile: