Track the last time I worked on a file


how we can obtain a chronological list of those dates of last activities in all client matters, so we can determine which files have had the longest without activity.

You can’t really do that in Asana, the views don’t allow you to sort on last update date… Asana is not really a file management system, so I would suggest you host files elsewhere and use that other platform capabilities.

@Aaishwarya_Aeron, You can use Advanced Search / Search Reports to see a list of tasks (say in some Teams or Projects or other criteria you choose) sorted by last modified date. Would that work? By “file” do you mean “client file” or an actual file system file?

Hope that helps,


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thank you Larry for your help.

By file i meant client file. This helps a lot :smiley:

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thank you so much Bastein! I will try doing this :smiley:

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