If a project has a "Last task completed" more than X days from today, create a task or get an alert for inactive projects

In my company, we handle lots of other companies. Sometimes, some clients become inactive and disappear for a long time, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a track on all of them. I handle each client as a “project” on Asana.

I see that there’s a section below the project that says “Last task completed on XXX” Which at least keeps a track on when did we last finished a task with them. Is there a way to trigger a new task or alert whenever X days have happened from the last completed job with the client? It would help a lot to try to contact the clients again and keep working with them.

Et the moment there is no automation available at the project level sorry.

Understood. I found a solution for now with Make.com where you can make a list of the tasks with the “Modified” value from Asana, which gives you that value I was looking for, and created a sheet that whenever X days have passed without notifications, it generates an alert from there. So thanks!

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