Need To Report On / Display Past Due Tasks - What Integration Works Best?

We use Asana to manage the website build process, and customer onboarding. Each website project has 100-200 tasks, and subtasks that include deliverables from many different team members. I want to be able to report on:

  • The days past due for a single task

  • The ability to track task completion dates across an entire project highlighting which tasks are delayed, and which are completed on time

  • Tasks across projects that are typically delayed - Example, often we are delayed by clients not providing images/credentials/information we need to build their website. I would like to be able to determine that these tasks across multiple client website builds are typically X amount of days delayed, so we can refine how we ask for content, or build in additional time to complete the task.

  • Bonus points for a solution that provides a visual representation of the data

What has been requested in my organization, is something that automatically extends a task in an Asana timeline as it gets delayed. I don’t believe this is available, so I am trying to get as close as possible.

Thanks in Advance.

HI @Robert_Allen and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried to integrate with google sheet?
In this thread (Sync Asana / Google), Marie mentioned that Asana is not developing anymore the integration, but it worked well to get graphs. You have to directly asked the support ( > “I have problems with…” > “Let’s discuss” at the very bottom))

You can use a custom field to get the reason for delay, calculate completion date versus due date, and then integrate a pivot table to calculate everything that you would like to see.

I hope this helps!
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Hi @Sebastien_Levesque -

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried the google sheet export. It gets close. It tells me that I have a number of overdue tasks, but doesn’t provide further insight into which tasks are overdue, and how many days overdue they are. It will tell me how many days a project is overdue, but not the individual task… Unless I am missing something, which is quite possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You can definitely export into google sheet all individual task and subtasks.
Have you try within the project option to do:

  1. Export/print
  2. Sync to Google sheets…

You will have a link to paste into Google sheets, and after a few minutes, the tasks will appears. You can then create an additional tab to calculate everything you would like to.

here is how it’s works:

  • Automatically updates as your tasks change.
  • Includes tasks and subtasks.
  • Updates to tasks in Asana take around one hour to reach Google Sheets.
  • Note: anyone with this formula, or the link it contains, has access to your tasks, so be careful how you share it.

Yes, that is what I have done. Unfortunately, the data provided doesn’t accomplish what I am looking for.

@Robert_Allen You can get some of those needs covered with the Screenful Dashboard for Asana. For example in the Task Status screen, you group tasks based on selected criteria e.g. “due < 5 days” which shows the number of tasks that has due date within the next five days, or “Completed overdue”, which shows the number of tasks that were completed overdue. Clicking the number displays a list of tasks. The columns on the right are configurable. Here’s an example:

We are also working on a new reporting feature, which is currently in a closed beta. This feature makes it easy to create reports and store as PDF, or schedule as email reports. Here’s an example of a simple report showing a list of tasks along with their due date and whether the task was completed in time:

The reporting feature is still work in progress and we invite anyone interested to participate the beta program. We will be adding features based on user feedback so we’d love to hear what information you would like to see in your Asana reports.

You can sign up for a free trial at and send email to to get the beta features enabled.

Hi @Robert_Allen,
I’m wondering if you are exporting the project of the portfolio?

Asana is indeed a bit weak in reporting task. I use Bridge24. Flexible and easy export function to Excel.

how do i get google sheet sync? i don’t have that option under ‘export’

Hi @Joanna_Yiptatchung
You have to ask the support ( to have this option deployed.
Best regards

Hello, This has been in Beta since January 2020…

Has this been deployed yet? I am trying to get similar reports as @Robert_Allen.

We are a video production team that have over 30 clients that requires videos multiple time a week.
-Every customer is a project (So 30+ projects)
-Every individual video is a task
-Every Tasks has 7 subtask of different steps of the video production that is assigned to different members of our team.

We nee to get reports on the progress of the tasks & subtasks to make sure that they will make it on time for their due dates.

While creating around 1000 videos a month & soon to be closer to 2000-3000 videos, we need to make sure that we can get accurate data to reassign tasks when a member of the team cannot handle it.

Would love to hear what is in place for this kind of challenge :slight_smile:

I am still in exploration mode and trying to find a solution but a little help would be appreciated!


Hi @Victor_Catrina the Analytics & Reports add-on for Asana allows you to easily create reports across all of your Asana projects, and filter by issue status such as overdue, blocked, reopened, completed on time, or completed overdue.

You can easily share reports with a public share link or by scheduled emails. You can export reports in various formats.

You can learn more about Analytics & Reports by Screenful or sign up for a free trial. We’re happy to help you to set up your reports so don’t hesitate to reach out at