How to monitor compliance with deadlines employees?

Please tell me how to monitor compliance with deadlines employees? For example:

  1. how to see what tasks are not completed on time and by whom?
  2. How to see in the report, who and when changed the deadline date ?
  3. How do I upload this data to Google sheets ? Tried ZAPIER, but it did not work .

To the best of my knowledge:

  1. Advanced Search for Incomplete Tasks due between (long ago date) and (now), then Export and you’ll have a CSV that includes Assignee. (You may wish to create a second report for tasks that never got a due date set so they don’t escape.)

  2. Impossible for users. (The data is present in Asana so I would assume a developer could write a routine that scrapes it out.)

  3. It’s easy enough to do a 1-time upload of your CSV to Google Sheets. If you want to automate, Zapier does claim some capabilities. If that is not working as you had hoped, I would suggest doing a detailed bug report with screenshots and steps to reproduce and posting it here or at a Zapier forum.

That’s the long, detailed answer. The short answer is that Asana seems not to have been designed with audit ability in mind. It is a frequent concern by Asana users.

Good idea, especially if you can compare the due date and completion date in the export. Don’t know if that is possible.

Yes you can pull the date from the task called “stories” and dig in to find the due date changes. However, those changes are cached so you don’t always have all the changes.

My gut feeling is that those “control” features are against Asana vision of a more open and welcoming work environment, that is about completing the work together and not controlling if people do their work on time. Only an Asana official could confirm though.