Getting updates on tasks I've assigned others? Or, tracking those tasks some other way? Managerial tools.

OK team I feel embarrassed that I don’t know this already, maybe my situation is a little unusual.

I have a team of about 20 users and there are times where I assign them a task and I really need to be able to stay on top of whether or not they’ve completed it or not. Most of my Asana users are working out on a factory floor and are far more familiar with saw blades than they are software so it’s easy for them to get lost in Asana.

Ideally I’d love a way to get a notification in my inbox that says “Billy has not completed this task yet” when the due date arrives. That would suffice for me.

I’ve tried using the filter “Tasks I’ve assigned to others”, and surely they are all there, but there’s SO MUCH other stuff in there (tasks I don’t need to track, and tasks I’ve created that have no assignee because they are in a project that is just an information storage project).

I’ve also thought about just creating a new Project that I’d use to just start tracking all these tasks I’m assigning to others that I need to track. I would just need to discipline myself to make sure the tasks are homed into that project along with whatever project they need to live in.

Any other suggestions? Maybe use a tag?

Hey @Matt5. You are on the right track with the new project to keep track of the specific tasks. You can then use those projects to create rules to notify you of tasks that are approaching and tasks that are overdue by adding a comment and @mentioning yourself or the task creator.
You could also use a custom field in the other project to trigger those tasks to automatically be multi-homed. eg. Priority: High or tracked task: true

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