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We will be using Asana for lots of lists and projects but was wondering if there is someplace that I can see information for a contact/customer. I am really worried that if it is attached to a task it may be archived by accident. I know that is really not Asana’s function but it does have many ways to use it so I am wondering if I am missing something? thank you

I am not sure to understand but I will try to answer: you can create a project showing both completed and uncompleted tasks, so that even if a task is completed it will still appear.

Thanks but no I just want it to be like in a database just information no tasks I don’t want there to be anyway it can accidentally checked off or deleted

Ok so you can do what I suggested, and you can make the project “comment-only” to make sure people don’t delete anything. If you don’t, being a collaborator of the task should be enough, and you share be notified if something happens. @Marie do you know if there is a notification when a task is deleted?

Is that available on the free version?

Comment-only projects are for Premium only, sorry. My first solution would work for a free user.

Ah, there isn’t a notification in Asana if a task is deleted, but there should be via email.

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well, we are using the free version.

Then my first suggestion would work.