Archiving Completed Tasks rather than Delete

WE need to be able to search through Asana for past tasks that have been completed in case there are attachments. We can’t do that if we delete the task. Right now in each of our departmental projects we have a completed column. We don’t hide them because we need to be able to see what’s been done across the different departments. I’ve been slowing multi-homing them to a Completed project so they’re still in Asana and not on someone’s board. It would be awesome if there was an archive function for tasks so they still lived there and were searchable, but didn’t have to live on someone’s board.


You would typically want to complete a task when finished instead of deleting it.

Then, you can use the Advanced Search feature to search through all tasks, complete or incomplete. You can use the same feature to identify completed tasks that have attachments.

Further, on each project, you can view either incomplete, completed, or all tasks.

Would that accomplish what you need?


Hi @Kari_Stober :wave:

Adding to what @Greg_Saffles has explained, you can learn in this handy Guide article, how to set your Projects to show only Incomplete Tasks. This way you don’t need to delete tasks once there are accomplished.

Please note that if you want to set this view for everybody that is collaborating in the Project, you just need to:

  1. Click on the three dot next to the project’s title
  2. Select Save layout as default

I hope this helps Kari! But don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow-up question! I’ll be more than happy to help :slight_smile:.

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I manage so many thing through Asana for two departments and end up getting tons of Asana notifications. It becomes cumbersome to filter through them on a daily basis. It’s easier to go to a project board and see what’s been completed which is why we don’t hide completed tasks. I need to be able to pull attachments from things after someone has marked it as complete. Therefore it would be awesome if there was a separate archive function so that I could archive something and have it go away rather than hiding it or having to move it to a separate project so it’s not on a project board anymore.


Surprised this isn’t a feature already… but we should have the option for Completed tasks to auto archive somewhere after two weeks or some period of time.