Looking for functionality to archive tasks

Hi, I currently do not see a way to archive individual tasks within a project. I am looking for something similar to archiving just one message in an inbox at a time. Is this a current functionality, or is there a way to request this from the Development team?

Thanks !

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Hi @Olivia_Cerretani

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You cannot archive tasks within a project and this is expected behaviour.
Could you please explain what the user case or workflow you have that requires you to archive only few tasks?

Generally speaking, if a task is complete, you can mark it complete and there are ways to hide them:

  1. Project View: filter only to view incomplete tasks - this means the completed tasks are out of sight
  2. Create a completed setion and everytime you complete a task, it gets moved to the completed section. You can also keep the complete section collapsed at the bottom of your list view so as they are also out of sight.

You can read the guide on the different project views here:

Hope this helps.

Thank you- yes, that helps! Filtering the view provides the same end-result and has been a great tool for our teams to use across creative projects.

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