Project/Tasks Archiving vs Deleting - need HELP

When Archiving Project - this does NOT archive all the tasks - tasks still remain. Anyway tasks can be archived?

Example - project is currently on hold, BUT we may come back to it in the future OR not. Is there a way to archive project with tasks, rather than deleting everything?


Welcome to the Forum @Elena_Potoupa and thank you for reaching out!

What you are saying is correct. When you archive a Project, those tasks that were assigned to you will remain in your My Tasks. As it stands, there isn’t a feature to archive tasks but I would recommend you to have a look at the following thread where a few workarounds have been provided.

Additionally, there is a thread in the #productfeedback category regarding this topic: Option to exclude archived projects/tasks from search. You might want to upvote it!

Have a great day Elena!