How to hide archived projects tasks from "My Tasks"


Some of our projects are archived to kept track, unfinished tasks will be copied to the new project for the next iteration. Some less important tasks will be kept in the old project.

Is there anyway to hide those tasks from “my tasks”? It pollute my dashboard and distracting.



Hey @Dang1, as i know there are no way to hide them automatically. You have to select all of them and unassign you or mark them as “later” to hide them into the collapsed later section.


What @Diakoptis said =) Archiving doesn’t remove the tasks from your “My Tasks”, only deleting a project does.You can read for yourself about archiving projects and their purpose here.

To ‘hide’ tasks on My Tasks, use the Today-Upcoming-Later function. Tasks marked as ‘Later’ (TAB-L) are hidden under a collapsed tab there (which you can open when you’re ready to dive in to those).

This is called the ‘priority’ view in My Tasks. You can read about it here. I highly recommend it if you’re not using it already. Some of my designers complained about the ‘this is happening but we don’t know when’ tasks and I showed them how to ‘hide’ them in My Tasks and they were very happy, lol.

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We’ve just discovered this same issue. We’d assumed that archiving a project meant it was taken out of general circulation. Marking the tasks as Later is a good workaround, although it doesn’t quite reflect the project’s status, because we may never come back to it at all.

Aside from moving the project out of the general sidebar list, it seems as though archiving doesn’t actually change anything, which is odd. We’ll definitely use your tip, though. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve noticed that it’s started to remove them from the mention list, but that’s pretty much it - mentions, and it goes into an auto-hidden section on the team.

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I agree. It would be great to unfinished tasks to not show up in myTasks if the project got archived.


Hey @Dang1, Michael from Asana here.

The reason why Tasks appear in your “My Tasks” is because those Tasks have been assigned to you. If your Project has been deemed completed by your Team & archived, regardless of Tasks being marked completed, your incomplete Tasks will still show up in your “My Tasks” as a default.

I want to echo what @Diakoptis noted about un-assigning those Tasks from yourself as the best way to remove these Tasks from appearing. Both @Diakoptis & @Caisha also provided great hacks for hiding these Tasks within collapsable categories above, which are useful in case you need to return to these Tasks later (if they are personal Templates, for example) but don’t want to lose track of them by un-assigning them from yourself. :ok_hand:

When Projects are archived, they are meant to be removed as options from prompts where they would otherwise be auto-populated. When files are archived “in real life”, you want them to be able to be found at some time in the future when they’re needed, but not necessarily be in spaces where they can clutter your present work. The same logic holds true with archived projects in Asana.

That said, I think your suggestion to remove the assignee from incomplete Tasks in Projects that are archived is definitely worth suggesting in our Product Feedback section.


I think more importantly than removing people from unassigned tasks (which is very easy to do manually)… is the part where archived tasks/projects still show up in searches. This is the exact opposite of “uncluttering my present work”


Yup. Found this thread to figure out why in the world Archiving a Task doesn’t unclutter my inbox. Thanks for the tip on batch un-assigning, although this means I have to lose the who-will-do-what information (and work time spent deciding and assigning that).

My team would benefit from an update that removes tasks in an Archived Project from assigned users’ inboxes. We plan out a project, and when it has to be put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time, it’s still there spamming up the inboxes. What is the other purpose of an archive, I wonder?


I would like to recommend a feature where when archiving a project, the project owner can also click a box to archive the “tasks” and stop them from showing up under the “My Tasks” list. Perhaps a section under “Later” that says “Archived”. Some projects are put on hold and then rebooted. Reassigning the tasks is a bit of a pain.


@Derrick_Hale If you haven’t yet, you might want to add this suggestion to the Product Feedback section for voting on, and/or vote for a similar existing request there.

In the meantime, I’d also be remiss to not point out that our Desksana app for Asana has this capability built-in: it does not sync archived projects and thus does not show archived tasks on your Desksana My Tasks list.

I find it odd that the last official response says:

This is exactly what we want to happen when we archive a project. It should de-clutter our workspace by hiding those archived tasks from the My Tasks view. Maybe add a new menu option that lets you see archived tasks, but the default should be to hide them.


I would also like to request a feature where a status (like ‘archived’) would result in the tasks being removed from the ‘My Tasks’ screen.

Our projects are reasonably large… often with ~80 or so individual tasks. Occasionally, a client will be 1/3 of the way into a project and wants to “pause” it for 3 months. When (if) they return, which happens about 1/2 the time, I’d like to “flip a switch”, slide the due dates and not need to spend time un-assigning/reassigning ~5 people to ~80 tasks.

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Completely confusing and unexpected behavior! We are leaving Asana because of this and other similar “features”.


We use a lot of project templates and i hate that tasks for assignees in the template show up in "My Tasks"s. I archived our templates hoping it would not show up in My Tasks while still retaining the task assignees in the template. Sadly it they still show up.

I’ll echo the sentiments of everyone here - this seems counter to the purpose of an archived project. Yes there are work-arounds, but especially in this case it seems an easy fix for a fairly illogical behavior.


I concur with the overall sentiment. Archiving projects should hide tasks from the ‘my tasks’ view. Sometimes tasks are just notes about ideas for future projects. Archving should house everything in a box for safe keeping for use later, or never, and be taken out of present time of what “needs to be done now”, which is what my tasks is. My tasks shouldn’t be “what I might do in 6 months time if time permits this project”.



Tasks from an archived project should not appear in my everyday workflow.

And altering the tasks by removing the assignee kinda defeats the purpose of archiving a project.

Please at least offer a setting to not show tasks from archived projects anywhere.


Update: And now I see that you can’t batch-change the assignee of multiple tasks in an archived project (like you can in a non-archived project).

So you can’t easily remove people from tasks on archived projects.

That’s honestly stupid.

Please fix this.