A way to hide archived projects from the Task dropdown list?

Hi, I’m consolidating several similar projects into project structures that make more sense. Part of that is that I’m archiving a lot of projects. However, some of my coworkers aren’t quick to retain info, so if they see similar projects, they’ll ignore the Archived symbol and assign tasks to archived projects.

How do I keep archived projects from showing up in the dropdown list, when setting up new tasks? I can’t delete them, because there’s info about when client work was completed that we can’t lose.



A client presented me with the same issue during a session we had and here is the solution I suggested.

:one: Rename the archived project with whatever won’t bother you (a number, a random list of letters)
:two: Create a task at the top of the project named “:package: PROJECT_NAME”

:point_right: The result is that the project won’t show up in autocomplete anymore, but you can still find it by looking for the “name task”

Would that work for you?

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Hi, thank you. Yes, I’ll do that.