😋 How not to be bothered by archived projects in the autocomplete

During my last Asana consulting call, a client gave me a good challenge: how to hide archived projects from showing up in the project autocomplete of a task, without deleting the projects all together?

Here is the trick we found:

:one: At the top of each archived project, create a task named for example « Project: XXXX »

:two: Rename the project with a random name (or the date)

You’ll still be able to find the project by searching for the top task, but because you renamed the project it won’t bother you as much in the project autocomplete.

Anyone interested by that trick?


Clever…very clever. However, it leaves me a little queasy, as it requires destroying and/or degrading user-created data to cope with an Asana design flaw.

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Is there not a #productfeedback feedback to add a checkbox in the right of the Advanced Search text? Sample below:

Include Archives

Yes indeed :man_shrugging: :confused:

@Jerod_Hillard that would good, or maybe just exclude archive and add a filter in advanced search.

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