Timelines! Want to zoom out further to see years

Asana is a great tool but this feature is stopping us from using it for strategic roadmaps.
A quarter or year view would solve the issue and keep us on Asana rather than naturally branching out to other solutions.
It would be great to see Asana able to link strategic roadmaps to project timelines, this would really centralise work efforts and actually onboard more users to Asana.


Asana would do well to get this feature integrated. Doesn’t seem like any of the online project management solutions do a good job of this. We look at projects over multi-year horizons and need to zoom out to a 10 year view.

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Have there been updates on this or input from Asana folks? This is a major hurdle for my organization too. We are mapping out a 5-year plan and the lack of a multi-year timeline view is making Asana unusable for this. Zooming out on a browser window is too clunky and the task names become unreadable.

Hi guys, any idea when this feature of viewing multiple years clearly will be available? This is a real deal breaker for us for an otherwise easy to use software!

Please implement this. Our projects are longer than one year, and timeline is useless without multiple-year view.

In timeline view it would be useful if there were more scale options. For instance you can select years and then see a subscale of months. If the subscale is quarters it would allow more months to be displayed. If the user has a task that takes a year to complete and another that starts the following year it would be helpful for planning purposes to see everything on one screen.

I’ll add a vote here. I too find my self wanting a longer timespan view in the timeline.

From my perspective the choice of (Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Half Years, Years) should be reflected in what I see in the view. So:

  • Days show all days in the future labeled by day number. (Current view is fine)
  • Weeks should show weeks, labeled by ISO week number or the Monday date of the week, not just smaller days as it does now.
  • Months should show months as the subheads. July, Aug, Sept (it currently it is what I would expect from the “Weeks” view
  • Quarters should show Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 (it currently is what the monthly view should be)
  • Half years should Show 1H 2022 | 2H 2022 | 1H 2023 | 2N 2023, etc
  • Years should be 2022 | 2023 | 2024 | 2025, etc

This change would certainly help us to use asana to sketch out and share long term roadmap planning. Current we have to rely on Excel, PPT, etc to get that multi year view on to one sharable “page” to communicate to other in the organization.

Hello all,
Same comments here, our group just started to use Asana and not being to zoom out clearly prevent us from seing the overall picture… when this was the reason why we went to Asana
Thank you for considering it :slight_smile:

The lack of zoom controls on the timeline view bums me out so hard.

Zooming in would be great so I could view the full title of tasks w/ long names but short durations. I hate how they get cutoff.

Just checked in to see what condition my condition was in… Still hopeful we will see some updates to the timeline that would offer a more condensed multi-year view. The current state really makes it difficult to do broad multi-year product/feature road mapping in Asana.

Despite a 34" monitor, I can only see 24 months, and a month for each column is too granular for long-range vision and plan.

A board view is a tempting alternative, but without the ability to group tasks by “section” like you can with a timeline view that is also not an ideal solution for me.

In the timeline view, the most zoomed out option is “Years”, but on a laptop screen, it only shows just over 1/2 a year.

It would be great to have a view that is just Years and quarters, and in a single view, you can see 2-3 years. This would help with viewing project schedules that are across multiple years.


Similar to everyone else on this discussion it would be very helpful to zoom out further than the current years selection. This has been open for some time and would love to see this resolved and added.

Timeline View

In project timeline view, when viewing Years – it just shows a year.

Can we get a timeline view of yearS ? Which shows 2-3 years in a single screen. And uses quarterly gridlines rather than months.

Hey @Byron_Arnold I recommend upvoting this existing thread: Timelines! Want to zoom out further to see years

Thanks @Andrea_Mayer , unfortunately that thread is 4 years old. I found it when searching but it’s not got much focus. Hopefully a new thread will get more attention.

It seems we are quite unique in our use of Asana for portfolio planning and strategic goals. So at the moment we just use Miro and Powerpoint for that high level view.

And here we are another year later and still no progress on this. Kind of shocking. I stopped using Asana a few years ago in part because of this, had heard there’d been progress, but it hasn’t been much and certainly still nowhere near good.

This is a little crazy. 5 years in and we can’t zoom out to see years. PLEASE add this as a feature. I REALLY don’t want to have to replicate our data in Excel or PPoint. The point of having Asana is to show a timeline Gantt chart view. Need to be able to visualize a 5 year roadmap of projects. And the project portfolio view does NOT cut it. Thanks.


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know the option to zoom out Timeline view by Years is already available :slight_smile:

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