Timeline View No Longer Scales the Bar Size when the timeline is zoomed in or out

In one of the most recent updates…it looks like you guys changed the way the timeline bars are drawn when the overall timeline scale is zoomed in or out.

Previously, when the scale was zoomed out (i.e., from days to weeks to months)…the timeline bars were drawn accordingly so they became smaller (not just length, but also the height too!).

Now, only the width is adjusted while the height stays the same.

THIS SIGNIFICANTLY NEGATIVELY IMPACTS HOW WE USE ASANA NOW! One of our key uses is we have an overall portfolio project board that aggregates key work efforts that are being tracked in detail on individual boards. The Timeline view was a key element of that and now it is very hard to get a bigger picture view because the bars take up too much of the height as we scale out the timescale.

Wold be great to hav ethis back the way it was…or at minimum, allow that as a view setting so folks who like it the current way can keep it but those that need to see more on the screen can do that too.


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furthermore, the ± zoom control was removed and replaced by days/weeks/months… selection. please return the ± Zoom control!


At least it would have been nice to be informed about that change in the relase notes. I was quite surprised when I suddenly couldn’t find the +/- zoom anymore.

The zooming now completely sucks. Timeline was an awful lot easier and nicer to use previously.

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Added a vote here. I would like be about to zoom out to a “macro view” as currently defined I can not get far enough “zoomed” out.

  • “Days” show Days as the UOM :white_check_mark:
  • “Weeks” shows Days as the UOM :thinking:
  • “Months” shows Weeks at the UOM :thinking:
  • “Quarters” shows Months as the UOM :thinking:
  • “Half years” shows Months as the UOM :thinking:
  • “Years” show Months as the UOM :thinking:

Would love to see the pick list value match the smallest unit of measure displayed in the timeline view, at least up to the “Quarter” level. currently there is no real difference between quaters, half-year, year.

WOW only 9 votes. For all of the 399 people who want subtasks to break out in their timeline they sure should want to have a lot more control over the timeline view. I see this being one of the bigger handicaps in managing big projects over long periods of time. A lot of great suggestions above. We do need to have more control over the view. Thank you Asana team for having a place for us to suggest our hearts desires.


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