New user here: Does Asana have the feature to zoom out timeline view?

it is a very basic but important need for us to show the project plan on one page, rather than scrolling up and down. I know Asana did not have this feature before (very strange), but just wonder if any development has been made??

Hi @Xiaoliang_Fu,

maybe this is what you’re looking for:

In Timeline view navigate to where it says day, next to the dort option.
Now choose a longer timeframe and you should be zoomed out. Hope that helps.

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Thank you. but the view become so not user friendly if i go to “years”. I am only asking for a simple zoom out feature that i can adjust and fit everything into 1 page for presentation purpose. I am a bit surprised that Asana does not have this feature. This is causing lots of push back for using Asana in my organisation, as people have to use Excel or other tools to make the timeline view presentable.

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Hi @Xiaoliang_Fu,

since i don’t now how far you want to “zoom out” i just chose year as an example. The Options from available should cover everything.

Maybe you should look into Portfolios and Reports. They may suit your needs better

Hi @Xiaoliang_Fu , if you are using Asana on your browser, you can use Ctrl and + or - keys (on Windows) to zoom in/out to makes things fit as you like :wink:

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so it is recommended to use Asana on browser, instead of desktop app? I got lots of push back from the potential users just because of this… quite frustrating.

Yes @Xiaoliang_Fu , the desktop app currently does not support zooming in/out. Additionally, although the desktop app allows to have multiple instances of different organisations/workspaces, the browser version allows to have multiple tabs open at the same time of the same organisation/workspace, such as one tab for Inbox, another for My Tasks, another for a Project etc.

For these two reasons, (zooming and multiple tabs) I recommend the browser version over the desktop app.

thank you for your reply. But again, may I ask why Asana desktop app does not support such a “basic” feature? and it sounds like it will never be part of the new feature plan.

I just feel sad to be challenged by the potential users for basics like this.

@Xiaoliang_Fu , I feel your pain; change management is never easy but the way I deal with cleints is to focus on the benefits and gains of using Asana as a whole rather than debate with them on a few shortcomings. Using Asana frequently during the day means that a user’s browser should always be open - personally, for me, that’s rule number 1!

Regarding on whether the Desktop app will add zoom controls or multiple tabs, I cannot say because I don’t work for Asana (who don’t publish their roadmap), I’m an Asana Partner that offers consulting services. I suggest you vote for this here and I can edit the topic title, if you agree, so it’s more searchable for others to also vote on. :slight_smile:

Thank you Richard. I guess my frustration comes from the fact that it is such a basic feature and we do have other software solutions to compete with Asana now. Anyways, not sure what else I can do. Anything special I should do to “vote” here?

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You could vote here, by clicking the purple button at the top, but perhaps @Marie can help merge this topic with and existing one, like this one perhaps:

Or rename this topic to ‘Add zoom in/out controls in Dekstop app’ …?

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