Timeline view - display more than 1 year in "Years" view

Hi @Emily_Roman,

I am bringing up a known issue regarding Timeline views (days, months, quatres, years). There is a post about it here:

The post was closed about 10 weeks ago marked as resolved. My problem is that I don’t believe it to be properly resolved.

The “Years” option zooms out enough to display a bit more that 1 year (on a 27" 4K display). If you want to view more than that, you need to zoom out the entire app, which in itself is tricky (I wrote about this in a different post - don’t understand why this isn’t being fixed).

The situation is that if you want a project overview of say 3 or more years ahead, it is almost impossible, and what is possible looks terrible.

There should be an option to zoom in and out in years, maybe something like a volume slider but with a years scale. And most importantly without effecting the entire app (when zooming in and out with ctrl+/-, the entire app shrinks or zooms making everything else hard to read).

I also strongly believe there should be an “Export Timeline” option, with a “choose Range” option, in fact I would settle for just an export if zooming out is impossible.

This would make a huge difference and bring asana another step forward to being an actuate alternative to a project Gantt tool.

I hope to see asana implement this.

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Hi @Itay_Kurgan, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! You are right, it’s currently possible to zoom out by years in Timeline, however, it’s limited to 1 year view. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but I will keep this thread open and will share information with you as soon as I have any news :slight_smile:


This is something we need as well. I need to be able to export or screenshot for use in PPT decks for quarterly business reviews or management updates.


I am canceling my Asana subscription!
‘We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option’ is not an appropriate answer! How difficult is it to show quarters instead of months on the timeline and make a few years fit into one screen? Come on – every other PM software can do it!

Hi @Emily_Roman ,

What is the process for requesting new features like the ability to zoom out further than a year, as discussed in these threads?


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Have a look here

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We absolutely require this! We have carefully considered multiple PM tools to push our company in to, and this is quite the red flag for us. Any ETA on the rollout of this essential function?