Timelines! Want to zoom out further to see years

I’m trying to start using timelines, and one thing I’m trying to figure out is how to zoom out beyond 25%. I have timeline needs for a large project where I need to see the world from 1 year to 2 years out. But, the timeline zoom control only goes to 25%

Is there any further zoom out scale control that we have or is this an additional feature that we can ask for?

Feature request: I wish I was able to change the scale of the timeline view (or to zoom back enough) to a quarterly view of multiple years. Our Gantt table is multiple years long, and the current maximum view at Asana’s timeline (12 months) is just not long enough to capture our entire Gantt, which is a real setback to adopting Asana.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Gal_Lin; we already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this thread to consolidate feedback. I would highly recommend adding your vote to this main thread too! Have a great Monday! :slight_smile:

any progress with this? having the ability to zoom out to see the full scope of the timeline is pretty crucial to this feature working for us. would love to see this implemented.

pretty self explanatory… an option to show activity broken into four quarters would be great. as is, i cant zoom out far enough to even show a full year

Hi @John_Douglas and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a feedback thread on this topic, so I’ve gone and merged your post into this main thread! :slight_smile:

The main reason we got a Pro account is to be able to view multiple projects on a single timeline and do big picture planning + prep for what’s coming down the pike. In addition to needing to zoom out to 2 and 3 year timescales, I’d like to be able to squeeze projects vertically as well - I actually don’t even really need to read the labels on individual tasks, but just see the concentration of overall work happening visually. In simple terms, both vertical and horizontal zoom-out 2-3X farther out please! I’m currently stitching together screen shots…

FYI everyone, if you simply zoom out in your browser it does a decent job. You can’t really read anything but at lease can see concentration and overlap. (chrome for mac).

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Asana is a great tool but this feature is stopping us from using it for strategic roadmaps.
A quarter or year view would solve the issue and keep us on Asana rather than naturally branching out to other solutions.
It would be great to see Asana able to link strategic roadmaps to project timelines, this would really centralise work efforts and actually onboard more users to Asana.

Asana would do well to get this feature integrated. Doesn’t seem like any of the online project management solutions do a good job of this. We look at projects over multi-year horizons and need to zoom out to a 10 year view.

Have there been updates on this or input from Asana folks? This is a major hurdle for my organization too. We are mapping out a 5-year plan and the lack of a multi-year timeline view is making Asana unusable for this. Zooming out on a browser window is too clunky and the task names become unreadable.

Hi guys, any idea when this feature of viewing multiple years clearly will be available? This is a real deal breaker for us for an otherwise easy to use software!

Please implement this. Our projects are longer than one year, and timeline is useless without multiple-year view.

In timeline view it would be useful if there were more scale options. For instance you can select years and then see a subscale of months. If the subscale is quarters it would allow more months to be displayed. If the user has a task that takes a year to complete and another that starts the following year it would be helpful for planning purposes to see everything on one screen.