Timeline - Schedule Subtasks

They’re too busy adding emojis and “celebrations”


3 months since Asana has even acknowledged this thread. :frowning:

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Adding my 20 cents - the user feedback never works and it is not taken into account when planning. If they add something users want you can be sure they added it not because we wanted it, because they came to it.

I love the comment of @WesFoster :slight_smile: So many basic needs, so much free real estate on the screen, but emojis and colors are apparently a priority.

To be on topic - it does not make any sense whatsoever that task are left hanging in the space-time continuum and are not associated with the same project as the main task. Addmitedly it may present an issue if the parent task is in multiple projects, which would suggest that subtask of that parent tasks have to be added to all those projects as well. However this makes sense and this is what you would expect team > project > task > subtasks, not team > project > tasks I subtasks???

Furthermore this is almost done and Asana is comming to the same conclusion, as now when you expand a task in the list view, the subtask is not part of the project, but still is presented with the same custom fields as the parent task, since you have no other UI way to present it.

Take this issue, take task numbering and unique numbers, takes portfolios, take workload which only shows tasks and only from the projects in the portfolio (which is not workload, it is portfolio workload), take a number of other threads with 500 or more votes - none have been addressed, changed, etc. The only feedback is “I have nothing to share at the moment, but I will be sure to keep you posted” - no need I can read product releases myself.

For subtasks - we are told that a workoround it to manually add it to the project - solves the issue (kinda), kills any time saving you have achieved through Asana and then some
For portfolios - we are constantly working to make it better - not seen anything there in the past months and it is a business feature which costs a fortune for a small company
For workload - we are told to create a portfolio “all projects” and manage workload there - great idea, only that it takes 200 clicks (since a portfolio can have no more than 200 projects) and since we have over 1000 projects - it does not work and again it creates so much admin and housekeeping that any benefit is quickly offset by the losses, misses and mistakes
For unique numbers - no answer, maybe will never happen, which kills the added value of Asana for small teams, which have been very creative in using Asana as a simple CRM, ticketing system, etc.
For My Tasks - it is coming later this year, we will be kept posted, as nothing can be shared now. Ok maybe a lot of recoloring is taking place
For… any of us can keep going miles and ages with a list of simple (admittedly maybe hard to implement from technical perspective, but this is why you are the best of the best) things that you expect to have. It is like buying a car and they tell you - we do not supply the tires, but we will keep you posted on any further development.

There is a The Future Of Asana event on 15 July. I am not sure what to make of it, as the last Future of Asana equivalent was amazingly beautiful and we have seen like 10% of it actually happening. So I am sure it will a nice event with many beautiful visualizations.


Just want to add my voice to this. I’m doing an assessment and overhaul of how my employer does project management. Asana is what we “use”, but nobody actually uses it. I can’t, in good conscience, recommend that we double down, reinvent our processes around Asana, retrain everyone, and enforce it while this request is unaddressed. I honestly don’t see how individuals and teams can actually get work done without this.

Your customers are businesses, not pre-teens. Subtasks in timeline is more important than celebrations.


We’re trialling Asana at present, the layout is great and love the seamless link to timeline, the ability to set sub tasks and how they accessible they are in the boards. After moving from trello and Teamgantt it feels slicker in everyday except…

Why doesn’t the expand function continue in the timeline view, this is where you want it most, where you need it.

Really close to nailing a product for us here guys, but it will be the reason we end up continuing the search for a project management platform.

Sort it out, your users will love you for it.


I’m a little new to Asana, but like many others appropriately handling sub tasks in timeline view is a make or break feature for me.

As someone new to the platform - and having read a lot of comments on this topic for 2 years here of the forums, is it normal for Asana to not engage/respond to such a major need from their community? I’m just trying to decide whether to end my subscription and look for a new tool, but if it looks like this will not be addressed it might be time to cut my losses.

Question: Should I retain hope that this will be addressed, despite no comment from Asana?

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This feature is crucial to handle both long/middle and short term planning. I’m very surprised that this topic is there since 2018 and there is still no position from Asana about an upcoming update in this sense. Asana is fantastic but this feature is missing a lot and it’s worth enough to be added!


Any update to this? would be good to hear from the Asana team


Adding to the chorus that this is a must-have feature. Should’ve been included from the start.


I would not count on it. Perhaps within the next 3-5 years.

It would be great to hear from the Asana team if this is even on their radar. This has been a highly requested feature over multiple years, and I don’t understand how this continues to be ignored.


Hello, Asana…sure would be nice if you could at least explain the lack of attention to this issue. It’s a puzzlement. There are 563 votes as of today , most pleading for resolution of this issue…that seems like a lot. Why the avoidance of a cure? Seems from the comments a fix would bring more teams on board who specifically state they are going elsewhere, or maintain teams who may leave as this is a key feature to them. Might be a good time to re-read all the comments. Thanks!


Hey @Chris_Harris2 - I’m speculating here but I would imagine it’s an architectural issue with the way the relationship tasks have with projects.

Since Asana allows for several tiers of nested subtasks I would expect that allowing subtasks on the timeline to be a major hurdle they would have to overcome by fundamentally changing the way they’re coded.

It’s frustrating, no doubt, and something I’ve criticized vocally for awhile — but at the same time, I can understand how it would be difficult to change from an engineering standpoint retroactively since it wasn’t a use case they anticipated from the beginning.

The only conceivable workaround right now is to add the subtask at the project level.

The problem then is the way the subtasks will appear in the project view, my tasks view, report view, etc.

If they implemented more robust nested filtering/nested sorting In these views that would help — so maybe that’s something they’re considering for the future.

You are quite right and possibly on point with the issue. The problem is the secrecy that Asana is creating around its product as it creates issues and problems in the organisation. It there an issue, is it overlooked, is there something better coming along. We need someone to take point and just write, say, sing, whatever - guys we here you, there is an underlying issue, we are looking to solve it, may take an year, but we are on it. Simple, clear, partnership, trust.

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