Tiggers that look at custom fields to determine actions

My first post so apologies if in wrong section.

I have a few swim lanes. When tasks are overdue, I move tasks out of current swimlane to our last column swim lane. However I want to set a reason for doing that in a custom field.

For example, if task overdue with custom field X Action should be A
IF task overdue with custom field Y Action should be B

Specific example -
if task is overdue and status = new lead, then set reason field unresponsive.
if task is overdue and status = hurdle, then set reason field overdue.

All the tiggers seem to only have the three options:
Task added
Task Updated
Task Timing

Any thoughts if this is possible? I looked into flowsana and doesn’t look like that they have that option either.

Welcome, @Daniel_Leonardis,

Triggers for custom fields are found within the Task Updated group.

Are you maybe not on Business or Enterprise plan? You need one of those plans for full custom rules.

Hope that helps,