Flowsana Rule that Performs an Action on Subtasks Based on Parent Task Update

Is there a way to set up Flowsana rules that accomplishes this:

When a custom field in the parent task is updated, please set the value of its subtasks to it. I know you can use {parent.CustomField} which is extremely helpful for the action side. I’m just curious if the trigger can be on the parent task, and the action that follows could be on its subtasks.

Thanks for your help!

I essentially want the rule to be similar to this:

Trigger: If [parent task]'s custom field is set to X
Action: Then set its [subtask]'s custom field to X.

Hi @anon54415044,

No, not currently - as in Asana rules, the action in a Flowsana rule applies to the task that triggered the rule.

@Phil_Seeman See my comment here regarding this topic as well.

@Bobby_Greenawalt @anon54415044 ,

Actually this capability is coming to Flowsana very soon; we have a major update currently in testing!

Sneak preview of this capability:



@Phil_Seeman great news. Do you have a date when we can expect it? And once it is set in Flowsana, can it be edited?

Shooting for late this month (Feb), though it might get pushed back to early next month.

Yes! Editing existing rules is one of the features we’ve added in this upcoming update.


This is great news! Will you send an email out about this launch? Also, could you email me some documentation on it, if you’re willing so I can make sure it will work for our use case? I have a need for it now but can crutch it along until this releases. We’ve emailed before but happy to give you my email address again if needed.

Very happy with “edit rule” in Flowsana.

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You bet!

I’ll send you a PM.