Run rules on custom date field overdue

Hi, Is it possible to run rules on the custom date field overdue?

I know we can do that with the Due date, looking for the same with customer date fields.


It wouldn’t appear so. Custom date field triggers apply only to the custom field changing.


Perhaps Flowsana could do this. @Phil_Seeman

Thanks, @Stephanie_Oberg1!

@Ziv_Solomon, definitely available with Flowsana! As you can see below, you can trigger a Flowsana rule on a date custom field being past due, past due by a certain number of days, due within a certain number of days, etc.

Thank you Guys, What is Flowsana? I have Asana, is it the same license or additional product as part of the Asana suite?

Actually neither of those :slightly_smiling_face: - it’s a separate independent integration I created which adds a lot of additional automation functionality to Asana. It’s available for a separate cost from Asana; you can see all about it on our website here.

Understood, thanks, I will wait for it to be part of Asana if Asana ever implements this.