Update Due Date based on Custom Field

I am trying to update the Due Date based on another date field.

I have already read the thread suggesting to simply add a date field to the form and connect it to Due Date. In our case this won’t solve the problem.

Our process has the users request a date, but it is often changed after reviewing the task. We currently use a “delivery Date” custom field to add the actual Due Date of the task. Since you also cannot rename the Due Date field, I am wondering if there is a solution available here.


It’s not possible in a rule action in Asana to set the Due date to the value of a custom date field. Maybe one day, since Variables appear in some rule actions to provide data, but not the set due date rule.

However, Flowsana.net (@Phil_Seeman) may offer this.



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Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately this was the exact answer I was expecting. It seems to be the standard response anytime someone has a question about lack of functionality in asana.

Thanks anyway.

Hi @Shane_Desousa - Just wanted to let you know @lpb (Larry) is just trying to do what we all try to do here – provide solutions to problems.

When users ask for things Asana can’t currently do, @lpb and other leading forum users are just trying to help you still get a solution to the problem you’re looking to solve.

Also, I can vouch for @lpb 's expertise and for what a great tool Flowsana is. It solves this and a lot of other Asana shortcomings. My clients have used it for years.

Anyway, just wanted you to know people are just trying to help. If the solution is causing big issues for you, it might be worth taking a look. If not, then maybe just tolerating the issue is your preferred path.

All the best to you and I hope you find whatever solution is best for you.


Yes, I completely understand how both you and @lbp are trying to help. And I appreciate the value that this forum brings.

On the other hand, you have to understand how frustrating it can be to run into this exact scenario time and time again. I use this forum almost daily in an attempt to find solutions when functionality appears to be lacking. Over and over again I run into threads that have spanned years asking for what seems to be simple, base level functionality and the answer is inevitably “use flowsana” or “vote for this feature”.

It’s frustrating because we would love to use Asana for even more than we do, but these roadblocks continue to prevent that.

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