Creating an Automatic Due Date based on a Custom Date Field in a Form Submission

Hi there! I’m making a custom request form for my company, specifically so that a manager can request an employee offboarding via form.

I have a custom field called “Termination Date” that requests the manager to input what day the Off Boarding needs to happen in date format. I want the date entered in this custom field to become the Due Date of the created by the form submission. I tried creating a rule to automatically change the due date when a task is added to the project (when a form is submitted), but the only capability I’m seeing in this type of rule is to set the date “x” number of days from the submission. I want it to be the value input in a custom field, not a relative time to the date submission.

Am I missing another way to do this? I have a whole cascade of tasks that get automatically assigned to the person running the offboarding AND assign them based on the due date of the task. Because of the aforementioned problem, the task has no due date when the rule triggers, and therefore nothing gets assigned for the right date. I would be super excited to make this entire process automated through Asana.

Thank you!

Typo: I want the date entered in this custom field to become the Due Date of the task created by the form submission .

Hi @Chris_St_Germain , welcome to the forum :wave:

Instead of approaching this by using rules, best to solve the problem at the root which is to set the due date directly from your form’s question!

  1. Add a date question.
  2. Rename it by asking for the ‘Termination date’ or whatever makes sense to the submitter.
  3. Connect the input to Asana’s native due date field.
  4. Set the question to required by making the switch blue.

Your submitters will then be essentially setting the due date of the task created when they submit the form. Hope that’s what you are looking for!

Also, in your form’s settings (see below), you can set the default assignee. It sounds like you may want this if it is always the same person, regardless, for all form submissions. This should logically not count towards your rules limitations, so it may be wise to use this instead of a rule assigning all newly created tasks from the form. :wink:


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