Rules - Change due date automatically after the submission using the form if less than 2 weeks after

I have a problem with the application of this rule, that doesn’t work.

I want that, after the submission of a task with the form, if the date is less than 2 weeks, Asana change automatically the date in 2 weeks.

Alternatively, it would be perfect to “block” in the form the field date to “2 weeks after”.

Someone here could help me? I’m desperate :frowning:

Thank you, regards

Hi @Silvia_Brovelli the due date rules only trigger at the midnight so there is no option for Asana to read a task as say it is less than “two weeks” away. You can have it so any task that comes in has a due date of 14 days or have a form question of “Is your due date under two weeks away” then use a rule to say if they click Yes then this rule triggers.

Thank you so much @Danielle-GenD , now I’ve understood!
How can I “use a rule to say if they click Yes in the form then this rule triggers”?
Sorry to bother you again. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @Silvia_Brovelli you need to make the custom field for it and then add the question to the form connecting to the custom field. Then the trigger is “When a task is added to the project” and “the custom field is set to Yes” then it changes the due date to 14days later

Thank you @Danielle-GenD!

FYI you can do this with the rule action in our Flowsana integration. Ours interprets “14 days” as “within 14 days”, not “exactly 14 days”.

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Oh wow @Phil_Seeman! But this rule could be applied also to the field “date” in the form, using Flowsana?
For example I want that the field “date” in the form, is blocked on +14days (i.e. today September 1st I will find as previous date selectable September 15th)?
This could be very very helpful for my activities.
Thank you for your feedback.

No, sorry, the UI of the form itself is not accessible to external apps or integrations.