FORMS - Setting a due date

There are 3 ways this should be done.

  1. Automatic, hidden form item. For example, if this is a request for X, and processing that request shouldn’t take more than 2 days, then this field should be set to Today + 2 days. And that’s the due date that’s automatically applied.

  2. Allow the submitter to set the due date.

  3. By logic. Here the due date could have a default date, unless some other parameter was set. For example:

Default Due Date = Today + 2 Days
IF “Rush” field = “Rush Today” THEN = Today
IF “Rush” field = “Rush Tomorrow” THEN = Today + 1 Day

I was trying to figure out how to do this, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a feature !

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So disappointing that you can’t simply have the submitter set the due date.

We have Wufoo so luckily I actually have a workaround, but I went to Asana forms thinking I’d be able to let the submitter set a start and end date. I’m confused and surprised to find out it’s not possible…!

We want to use it for leave requests, so need a leave start and leave end date. It seems like such a simple thing that we should be able to do :neutral_face:

Hi @ceturley et al,

FYI you can set a Start and Due Due from fields in an Asana form, using the Forms Support feature of my Flowsana integration; for example:

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