Set START DATE from form entry

Hi! I’m creating a form for our employees to request vacation time.

I was hoping they could enter their vacation start and end date and go into the due date field (as a date range with start and end).

It seems like I can’t do this. Am I missing something? Can anyone suggest a workaround for this without manually entering a start date and end date to each incoming request?

If it is not possible, it would be a beneficial feature to add, not only for this case.

We need to have a start and end date so the directors can view the requested vacation in the timeline view and see how the dates align with our project calendar.

Thank you.

Hi @Lina_Moreno,

Great question! While is possible to set a due date via form submissions by connecting the question to a specific field (as seen in my screenshot below), it is not possible to set a date range.

Hopefully this is something our Product Team can implement in the future! :slight_smile: I’ll loop back in with you on this thread if I have any updates!

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 17.58.33

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Hi @Lina_Moreno,

FYI this capability is available with the Forms Support element of our Flowsana integration. The setup aspect looks like this:

You can set the dates based on the values entered into form fields, which is what you’re wanting - that’s the “Select Field” boxes above.

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