Set START DATE from form entry

Hi! I’m creating a form for our employees to request vacation time.

I was hoping they could enter their vacation start and end date and go into the due date field (as a date range with start and end).

It seems like I can’t do this. Am I missing something? Can anyone suggest a workaround for this without manually entering a start date and end date to each incoming request?

If it is not possible, it would be a beneficial feature to add, not only for this case.

We need to have a start and end date so the directors can view the requested vacation in the timeline view and see how the dates align with our project calendar.

Thank you.

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Hi @Lina_Moreno,

Great question! While is possible to set a due date via form submissions by connecting the question to a specific field (as seen in my screenshot below), it is not possible to set a date range.

Hopefully this is something our Product Team can implement in the future! :slight_smile: I’ll loop back in with you on this thread if I have any updates!

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 17.58.33


Hi @Lina_Moreno,

FYI this capability is available with the Forms Support element of our Flowsana integration. The setup aspect looks like this:

You can set the dates based on the values entered into form fields, which is what you’re wanting - that’s the “Select Field” boxes above.


Agree this would be ideal, that’s exactly the same process I am trying to build and need the holistic overview. Would allow for so many additional usages of this feature and cut down on a lot of manual work.

I don’t want to have to pay for additional programs to do such a basic feature.

Work around I have found is that once a form is complete and it becomes a task in the List View, you have to manually change the date here to a range.


+1 for this feature (vote cast)
Being able to set the date range based on two form question would really round out the current feature of being able to set the Due Date. Example:

Q1: Enter the Start Date (Answer: e.g. May 1st)
Q2: Enter the Due Date (Answer: e.g. May 31st)

Or perhaps setting the date range based on entering the number of days a task should take would be more practical and easier to answer as part of the Form Questionnaire. Example:

Q1: Enter the Start Date (e.g. May 1st)
Q2: Enter the # of Days (e.g. 30)
Result: Due Date automatically entered = May 31st

Either way - closing the loop to allow Forms to complete both Start and Due Dates, to specify a date range, would be invaluable for practical data entry and management.

Our team needs this feature as well. Our current workaround is to manually change the Start Date within the Asana Task with the start date provided from the form entry and it’s pretty cumbersome when we get a lot of form submissions. We rely on the Calendar view within this particular project for our stakeholders, so having the start date automatically flow into the calendar along with the due date (or in our case, end date) would be wonderful.

Our team needs this function as well - we have a New Project Request form that flags rush projects, but I want to make a Start Date field to organize projects by priority and set all projects with a Start Date outside of a certain range to “waiting” in the progress field. It would also help with our PTO project.

Quite disappointing we’re not able to do this. This feature would be incredibly helpful. We’re trying to use Asana forms for onboarding, and what we need to do is set due dates relative to that person’s start date.

Same here, I’m trying to use a form in order to receive Human Ressources requests, such as vacation, and to be able to set a start/end date is a must.


I am also trying to find a solution. I have created a form request in jotform (it’s more robust than the Asana form feature). The integration is so seamless except one (huge) thing. I have a formula in jotform that copies my “start date” and “end date” into a field. Ideally this field should just copy and paste into the “due date” field in Asana. But it will only take the start date.

For example:
Jotform field START DATE: 1/1/2021
Jotform field END DATE: 12/31/2021
Jotform formulate field DATE RANGE: 1/1/2021-12/31/2021

Asana will only take “1/1/2021” but if I manually copy and paste the entire date range “1/1/2021-12/31/2021” will import fine. However the integration does not correctly do this.

Currently the only manual work around I can do is redirect the ASANA DUE DATE field to be linked to the jotform END DATE field because of what i need, the END DATE will allow my rule to run. But I have to manually go and enter the start date for every new request.

Hi @Kelly_Fisher,

[Note: Your question and my response are a little off target from the main point of this thread, because your post is about JotForm and not so much Asana, but I can definitely see how you ended up in this thread!]

While the “Due Date” field in Asana looks in its user interface like it’s one field with a date range, it’s actually two distinct fields in its programming interface that JotForm must be using: start_date and due_date. In order to populate the start date in Asana, JotForm would need to write the JotForm start date field into the Asana start_date field. While I don’t know Jotform in detail, I looked at their documentation and it looks like they only handle the due date and not the start date.

So the bottom line is that JotForm would need to modify their integration to write to the Asana start date field, in order to set the Asana start date from JotForm.

YES. I would love to see this feature!!
Our use case would be for a project request form where we need start/end dates and be able to have date custom fields to link them to (a separate product feature request). These two features working in conjunction would provide a full timeline view and would allow us to determine our team’s bandwidth and any overlap concerns amongst projects. Currently without this feature, start date has to be entered manually which is counterintuitive to the idea of the form being the one-stop-shop to enter all information about a project.

Adding a vote for this feature. We are unable to bring people in to the planning process without the ability to allow them to provide date ranges through a form, and it’s a big barrier.

(Love the new Vimeo video comment integration, though.)

vote for this feature +100

Completely agree- our team really needs this feature. New to Asana from Clickup. We chose Asana as it is a more streamlined approach (and recognized it would have less functionality), but I’m a bit surprised at the lack of common/basic functionality across the product offering. Hopeful to see how quickly feature requests roll out! If not, I think we’ll just build out 3rd party forms that integrate with Asana.

Before you go doing that, you might want to see if the Forms Support workflow in our Flowsana integration gives you what you need (like setting the start date from a form field).

Definitely need this start date setting to work as an input in forms. Really quite frustrating to get the team to adopt using Asana when something so basic needs to be done manually outside of an intake form. Even just having the start date prefilled with the date the task is created would be a big help.

In our use-case we have staff who submit events for calendar approval. I need to be able to see the events alongside each other in the calendar view so we can evaluate which events overlap. I’m so surprised we can’t manage due date range with forms AND that there isn’t a way to create a custom date field.

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It would be super useful for Out of Office tracking.

I’m also interested in this for out of office planning.