Possible to rename "Due Date" field in task form?

We are using Asana to manage project implementation. On the task form, the only field we can use to track start and end date of each task is the “Due Date” field.
We would like to change “Due Date” field name to “Timeline” so that it gives better clarity. Timeline indicates the “Start Date” and “End Date” of each task.
We would like to use “Due date” / “Deadline” to indicate the intended / committed deadline.
Unfortunately, we can’t create a custom field with date format.
Appreciate your feedback

Hi @Caroline_Chong

Even renaming it will not give you the function as the form date is a single point in time, not a range.

Also, it just shows up as date on the backend, you can name the field whatever you like.

I would personally not want a requestor to set a date range, or any hard date for that fact. I always use ‘Requested Completed By’ or similar so the requestor understands this is a request.

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Hi @Caroline_Chong, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! To clarify, would you like the ability to simply rename the date field of a form or the ability for users to select a date range when filling out a form? :slight_smile:

Hi Getz,

You’re right, for “Due Date” - we want to set a fixed date not a range.

Basically, we’d like to also capture the start date and end date of each task, timeframe.

In the task form, I tried to create a new field but only #, text are allowed.
The only date field available is the “due date”.
In a typical project management tool, we could define start date and end date. Is there a similar feature in Asana?

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Hi Rebecca,

I was looking for workaround solution that’s why I was asking if we could rename “Due date” field.

Basically, for each task, we’d like to capture
=> Planned time frame: the start date & end date
=> dateline / due date : a specific date
=> Actual time frame: the start date & end date

These two are conflicting. Asking for a start and end is a range.

You can add a text custom field for Start Date, then add the date question to the form and link it. Then ask for the End Date and connect that to the Due Date.

Hi Getz, I will have to try it.
Basically, we would like to have both Start Date & Due Date captured in each task, this way we can create the project gantt chart.

Again, Asana does not have that build it.

You can then just take the Start date from the request and add it to the Due Date and there you have your range. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice.

That’s why I am looking for a workaround solution…to change the name from “Due Date” to “Timeline”, which refer to the range.

The workaround (which implies not a direct route), is to have two questions in the form which captures both Start and End then append the Start to the Due date.

Yes, I am familiar with start dates and end dates and Gantt charts. I understand clearly the outcome. Asana Forms does not directly support this outcome.

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Hi Richard, thanks for the confirmation.
I have already setup the form and details for an existing project.
Could you please guide me how I can customize the existing Task form to add Start and End dates?

I attached two images above.

  1. set up a tex custom field for Start Date
  2. Create two form questions. One for Start Date and link it to your new custom field. One for Due Date and link it to your due date.
  3. When the request comes in, you simply need to take the start date custom field value and add it to the due date field’s start date.

Thanks, Richard. I can’t see the two images you attached.

You cannot see these?

Hi Rebecca,

I wanted to +1 my interest in having the capability to simply rename the built in fields such as due date. In my case, I am using Asana to plan out my editorial calendar for social media, so being able to rename “due date” to “scheduled for”, for example, would be more clarifying to my teammates what the date actually represents. That way when one toggles to calendar view we will see what days are left to fill with content. I realize I am able to this now by setting the due date as the scheduled for date, however, the wording is slightly misleading as I’m not treating them as traditional tasks. Thanks for the consideration!


Due date is confusing, especially when that is the only field that recognizes dates for the Gantt chart - best practice in PM framework is for due date to be a set date, not a range, and definitely not to call the start/end date as a due date - that’s not accurate.


Yes, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense being called “Due Date” if you use the Timeline as a planning tool and and give tasks a start and end date. It’s more like the “Scheduled Dates” or something like that.


Great news! We have just rolled out a new range option for forms date field, so you can now require a start and a due date, and connect these fields to a start and due date in Asana :heart_eyes:

Please note this update is rolling out gradually but should become available to everyone by the end of the week :slight_smile:

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