Date ranges. What's up?



Another question for team Asana - @Alexis and @Kaitie

I see Asana is also slowly rolling out a “date range” feature in the due dates dialogue. At the moment, this this doesn’t have any impact on the calendar or notifications in Asana. It would be great if I could view a task spanning a number of days (almost like a gantt chart). Can you shed any light on Asana’s plans for using or extending this feature?



Hey @paulminors - Start dates in the task (right) pane are step 1 of a multi-phased approach to having awesome multi-day tasks in Asana.

Next up is having these date ranges reflect on calendar view! :slight_smile: I cannot wait for that view :slight_smile:


I also assume that the Start Date should either be the date a task moves from Upcoming to Later, or at least one week before the Start Date (rather than Due Date).

Is that how this currently works? Excited for this one. Eliminates “Create Reminder Tasks” :+1:


I can also see it being used for gantt charts in the future.


Please please PLEASE make the due date the calendar event END date/time.

Way too many task/project management tools (Trello, Todoist) will use the due date as the calendar event’s start time/date.

That is wrong wrong wrong, and seriously frustrating.

If something (f.e. a Keynote presentation) is due tomorrow by 5pm, I don’t want my calendar showing that I have a task starting at 5pm. What I need to see in my calendar is an event that starts at f.e. 2pm and ENDS at 5pm, or even 4pm.

By 4pm I refer to the having three time/date fields: start, end – and due. A deadline (due) at 5 pm shouldn’t mean I’m working on it at 4:45pm. Inmay plan to do it earlier in the day, with an end time at, say, 11:30am, because I know that by then: it’s lunchtime, and after that, there’s a long meeting spanning till 3pm.

Still, I need a field to track that it is due (the deadline) at 5pm.


Topic closed. For more on start date please refer to this thread: Start date and estimated hours