New Feature Alert! 🚀 Filter Text or Number Based Custom Fields in Asana!

Hello Asana Community! :tada:

I am thrilled to share a new feature that we have developed for Asana users. Asana is an incredible tool that helps us organize our tasks and projects. However, there has been a limitation when it comes to filtering text or number-based custom fields. But not anymore! :muscle:

We have developed Workino Custom Field Alarms :rotating_light: for you to filter text or number-based custom fields as you wish. This feature will help you streamline your workflow and make managing your tasks and projects a breeze. :wind_face:

Here are videos on how it works:

I believe this feature will be a game changer for many Asana users, and I am excited to see how it will help you manage your tasks and projects more effectively.

Use Cases

:frowning_woman:: As a Marketing Manager, I need to be alerted whenever spending on any task exceeds $500.

:frowning_man:: You can easily set that up with the Workino Custom Field Alarm (number)!

:frowning_woman:: As a Project Manager, I need to know if the difference between the actual cost and the estimated budget of any task is more than $100.

:frowning_man:: The Workino Custom Field Alarm (number) can help you with that!

:frowning_woman:: As a Human Resources Lead, I need to identify tasks estimated to take over 5 hours.

:frowning_man:: You can use the Workino Custom Field Alarm (number) to filter and identify those tasks!

:frowning_woman:: As a Customer Success Manager, I have support ticket titles in a custom field and need to filter all the ones containing “Bug” to assign them to the development team.

:frowning_man:: The Workino Custom Field Alarm (text) is perfect for that!

You can find this feature in the External Actions section of the Rules. I would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with the configuration. :speech_balloon:

    • Your feedback is important to us. Please share your experience with Custom Field Alarm under this post so we can continue to improve.**

Let’s get all the tasks done! :raised_hands:

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