Thumbnails and images not showing in task threads


When I load an image from Dropbox into a task thread, the link & image appears correctly.

When I log back in at a later time, the link to the image is there, but the image does not show up in the thread.

This is frustrating because I want to use the thread as a quick reference. I have to click the image in order to see it.

The issue happens with all three browsers I have so it appears to be an Asani issue. (Safari, Chrome & Firefox)

Why is this happening? I need this fixed.


Hi @Troy_Chadwick. Sorry to hear this is happening. Asana was affected by the recent Amazon AWS S3 issue, so I suspect that this is the reason you’re not able to see images directly in Asana threads right now. I’ll look into if other customers are seeing this and any other possible causes.

For more information about the Amazon AWS S3 outage I suggest you visit this TechCrunch article

Amazon’s S3 web-based storage service is experiencing widespread issues, leading to service that’s either partially or fully broken on websites, apps and devices upon which it relies. The AWS offering provides hosting for images for a lot of sites, and also hosts entire websites, and app backends including Nest.


Troy - I have an update that this may not have to do with S3 after all. I’m filing this as a bug. Hopefully it sorts itself out in the meantime!


You’re my hero!


Gee thanks, Troy!

Could you please share a screenshot of what you see when you attach a photo to a task and the thumbnail doesn’t appear? That’ll be helpful context for our product team.


See blue boxes with question marks below. The same thing happens with all browsers and on my iPhone as well.


Thanks! I’ll send this along.


Hi there, I’m new to Asana and we want urls that we post to appear as graphic images on boards. Can Asana do this?


Not yet :innocent: Thanks for this feedback!


Hi there, I’ve also found that recently screenshots using screencast app by Jing (like this for example) are no longer previewing. They were originally showing in Asana but they’ve stopped.

This is a shame because it means you can’t quickly see the image reference, you have to click on the link to view it in a separate page.

Please can you let me know if this is likely to be fixed?


The problem the original post had is still happening. Is there any update on this issue?It is very difficult to use Asana whit this problem.


The bug is still here. It doesn’t work either with google drive or with dropbox.


Any news on this bug?


Hello Everyone!

I am new in Asana and I am here because I am looking for the same answer to my question. I just started using Asana this February and every attachment on my task is showing a thumbnail/preview on the task pane itself but just this week when I was assigned a new task, every file is just showing as a list. I’d have to click on every one of them just to find what I am looking for. Very frustrating.


I’m also experiencing this. The JPEGs that I’m attaching from Google Drive is not showing up in the thumbnail on the boards. Otherwise there’s no visual point of using the boards view versus the list view.

Please help fix!


Hi @Asana, any update on this? It used to be a great feature and is such a shame that it is no longer supported. @Alexis have you had any luck finding out any information? Thanks in advance, Doug