Thumbnails and images not showing in task threads

I is now June 8th, 2020 and I am seeing the same issue. Images are not showing up in the thumbnail in tasks and this is the 1st thing I need for my team!

Did you all guys went years without this feature? I won’t be able to use asana without image reference.

Please fix!

It is now June 2020 and I see the same issue. Was this already fixed before?

I don’t think this is fixed. I just ran into the same myself. The image viewer function in task views is broken. CRITICAL, but not urgent.

I am also having this issue — I linked my dropbox to asana, but when trying to add cover images through dropbox, the images will not preview. This is frustrating because I was hoping to use this to streamline having the link my social media manager to specific files as well as upload images to the task.

The same is happening to me, is it fixed already?

Same thing with me as of today