Pictures are not loading

It was suggested by an ASANA representative that I post my issue here.

For the last day or so the pictures that our team members include in tasks while completing are not loading. All that shows up is a JPEG card with the only option being a download, rather than viewing in browser. I am using Chrome, but this is also happening in the Windows App, the iPhone App, and the Android App. It is not an internet issue, as the photos older than 24 hours still show up as normal. Part of my job is to QC the work that is done in these tasks, which I normally do by glancing through the photos.

The only option available now is to download the photos, hope they are the ones I need, load them manually on the PC, and then double check. Doing this would exponentially increase my workload far beyond the realm of reasonable. I have attached a picture of the screen showing an old photo that loaded and what we are seeing now.

I have been having the same issues as of yesterday afternoon.

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The issue seems to be resolved for me now.


Hi everyone,

Why are images I attached to tasks not showing?
We were facing this issue about a month ago only in android apps. Now we can’t see the images from browser , from web apps and mobile apps. So we are not having access to images and it is a big hurdle and we can’t work . It’s been a while ,about 3 months, that we can’t use asana properly and every update fixes an issue and causes one more. Please do something soon, to help the users.
Thank you.

I have seen several instances of that bug report on the forum, @Vanessa_N should we regroup them all under one roof?

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for flagging this! Yes, we replied to @i.lagou in another thread. This issue doesn’t seem to be widespread, as we couldn’t replicate the problem on our end after testing on multiple devices and spaces.

I noticed another post in the Forum, but it appears to have been a temporary glitch. I’m merging the topics into one thread. Since this is not a widespread issue, please advise anyone still experiencing problems to contact our Support team. They will be able to look into specific cases.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s good to hear that things seem to be back to normal for some of you. Since this issue doesn’t appear to be widespread, we recommend contacting our Support team if you are still experiencing the problem. They can look into your case individually.