Tasks in Timeline should have the same order then the List view

Adding my vote to the numerous votes above. This is a very frustrating issue that doesn’t allow us to use the timeline view at all. Hoping for the resolution in the near future. Thanks

This Asana “feature” is a bit of a pain, though for my purposes I managed to work around it a little by ordering by start date on the Timeline view. I would love to know though where this item sits in the “desirement” relative to it’s peers and how customers can upvote or how Asana allocates value to feature requests.

Just evaluating Asana here. This “feature” (?) will drive me bonkers too, hard to see much value in a timeline that is not sorted in the correct order.

Not very encouraging that this topic has been popular for 4 years and yet the problem persists.


Hi - just another voice saying that this is a super frustrating limitation.

The fact that this is 4 years old is precisely why I hesitated this week to recommend Asana to another business…

+1 vote to fix this please!

+1 to fix please!

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+1 - a serious flaw in the timeline function is the changing of order between list and timeline views. It renders the timeline view almost useless and misses a significant opportunity to improve visibility and efficiency for teams (which I presume are major goals of the product)

Wow! A common sense feature that is taking over 4 years to fix. Wake up Asana!


Going on 5 years without attention to this feature is UNACCEPTABLE. As a software designer myself, this isn’t a hard feature to implement. Many other PM software options out there can do this. Why can’t Asana? And if it “doesn’t fit with our product vision” then i seriously question why bother having a timeline feature at all.


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Another +1.
Ridiculous that Asana spends time creating and trumpeting new features that are rarely needed, but cannot make core functionality work properly.
We have used Asana for a few years thinking this would get fixed, but now actively looking at alternatives.

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WOW! 5 years later and this is still a problem.
I certainly never experience such issues with teamwork

Just came across this issue now, and very discouraged to see how old this thread on the forum is without any improvement from Asana. I’ve been advocating shifting more of our work onto Asana and upgrading to Business, but this will be a big blocker for us. There was significant upside for us to be able to switch between List and Timeline views, but if there isn’t a way of making the order the same across both, this makes the whole thing far less useful. Please fix this

Hey team . . .
Created a lovely template for my ‘similar’ projects & as I’ve started using it, I notice that the automatically created timeline view is not logically oriented to flow top-to-bottom. I’m manually moving tasks around so that you can actually see the tasks in a user-friendly way.
Is there a way to force a similar top-bottom sort based on the list view /order?

Hello @anon27010790,

I have merged your post into an existing feedback request thread. Don’t forget to upvote.

thanks @Andrea_Mayer . good to know I’m not alone, but also disappointed that this is something that’s a “known” issue & is still far from being addressed.

our team is doing a trial of premium. its pretty disappointing to see how long ago this issue was raised and it is a very basic feature request for a gantt style view. Given the lack of priority that Asana has given to this and the fact that timeline was one of the main reasons for us upgrading to a paid version, not sure we will subscribe to premium once the trial finishes. lost $ for Asana i guess.

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@Asana_Admin20 @Alexis please please fix this problem. You have an entire community who can’t use your timeline function correctly. My company is about to migrate from Asana due to the lack of functionality specifically with this timeline view.

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Hi @John_Hartsoe , welcome to the forum :wave:

I would advise patience as I have a feeling that Asana is working on improving this feature soon so hang tight! You can see a sneak preview of the Gantt view on Asana’s website here.

In the meantime, have you tried instagantt.com ?It integrates really well with Asana, displaying your projects in a Gantt chart. You can try it for free for up to 3 conmected projects.

:bulb: Don’t forget that you can sort your Timeline in Asana by due date or start date to sort all tasks in a waterfall, however this will hide any sections from view.

Same issue here, please elevate